Ormøytoppen's Dancing Queen (Frida)


                        Foto: Reidun Monsholm                     

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Foto: Silje Rasmussen

Ormøytoppen's Dancing Queen 22.02.2019


Ormøytoppen's Stargazer SE UCH LV CH FI UCH Lythwood Secretariat N UCH SE UCH Lythwood Sundealer GB CH Lythwood Scooby Doo
Lythwood She's Maria
Terriwood Saskia Of Lythwood EE CH FI UCH INT UCH NORD UCH Sheldon Space Joker
Lythwood Sugar Snap At Terriwood
N UCH Ormøytoppen's Coco Chanel ES CH Rannerdale Lord Charles GB CH Rannedale Bugsy Malone
Rannerdale Lady Pricilla
N UCH Ormøytoppen's To Die For Multi CH/W Rannerdale Oliver Twist
Ormøytoppen's Lovely Rita
CIB N SE UCH Lundecock's Tsaritsa FI UCH LV CH SE UCH EE CH Lundecock's Traveling Man NORD UCH Tachnamadra The Designer GB CH SE UCH Japaro By Design
Tachnamadra Time Will Tell
N UCH SE UCH Japaro Laced With Silk GB CH Degallo Hustler
GB CH SE UCH Japaro Satin 'N Lace
Lundecock's Querida EE CH FI UCH INT UCH SE UCH Lundecock's Exit From Hell NORD UCH Yosemite's Following Star
Romlingen Naughty But Nice
Lundecock's At Your Service N UCH SE UCH Seavall Tipple
Hanburyhill Blue Thistle


19.10.2020   Vikersund Hoppsenter   Norsk Collie Klubb   Dommer: Espen Engh  Exc. UK 1UKK CK  2.BTK

18.10.2020   Vikesund Hoppsenter   Norsk Collie Klubb   Dommer: Caroline Mauseth   Exc.UK 3UKK CK CERT

30.08.2020   Rogaland   Norsk Kennel Klubb   Dommer: Svein Bjarne Helgesen  Exc.UK 1UKK CK CERT 1.BTK CACIB

29.08.2020   Dysjaland Gård   Norsk Collie Klubb   Dommer: Linda Kjeksrud  Exc.UK 2UKK

 20.06.2020   Frya Leir   NSSK   Dommer: Arne Foss   Exc. UK 2UKK