Ormøytoppen's Stardust (Ella)

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Ormøytoppen's Stardust 02.12.2017


SE UCH LV CH FI UCH Lythwood Secretariat Nord UCH Lythwood Sundealer GB CH Lythwood Scooby Doo Lythwood Sacha
Lythwood Stylist
Lythwood She's Maria GB CH Milesend Nightforce
Lythwood Swingtime
Terriwood Saskia Of Lythwood EE CH FI UCH INT UCH NORD UCH Sheldon Space Joker Kindergate The Joker
Cospirol Space Flower
Lythwood Sugar Snap At Terriwood Moonlight Black Magic
Lythwood Spritzer At Terriwood
N UCH Ormøytoppen's Coco Chanel ES CH Rannerdale Lord Charles GB CH Rannerdale Bugsy Malone GB CH Rannerdale Ghostbuster
Rannerdale Lady Madonna
Rannerdale Lady Pricilla GB CH Evad Sommer Shadow
GB CH Lady Pennelope
N UCH Ormøytoppen's To Die For Multi CH/WI Rannerdale Oliver Twist GB CH AUS CH Rannerdale The Time Warp
GB CH Rannerdale Angel O' The North
Ormøytoppen's Lovely Rita Gosbäcken's Oliver Zonett
Oddeskogen's Golden Rose